Cemetery Ir. Soekarno Blitar
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In Soekarno cemetery, visitors can enjoy Soekarno Information Center or better known as Library and Museum of Soekarno. A diverse range of books collection and other belongings are being displayed in this place.

The existence of Soekarno Information Centre added on to the richness of experience of the cemetery. The Information Centre was built by Dr. Ir. Baskoro Tejo from Bandung President of Technology, in the era when Megawati became President of Republic of Indonesia. Soekarno Information Centre was officially opened on July 3, 2004. This building of library and museum instantly became the new tourism icon in the City of Blitar.

The Soekarno Information Centre building looked very extravagant and artistic with its European influence. When entering the cemetery area, visitors can see a very long wall on the left hand side filled with wood carving of Soekarno’s past triumph. What really interesting in this Information Centre was a replica of Soekarno sitting down holding a book. His eyes were looking at the entrance of the cemetery. This replica situated between the entrance of the entrance of the library and the museum. To look at this statue made our hearts trembled full pride imagingning what he looked like. The image of a leader so rare in our times. It truly was fantastic.

The existence of library in this place as way of preserving the presence and the way of thiking of the proclamator, especially for the younger generation. Visitors can read many book collections as well as Soekarno’s autobiography. Additionally, there are many rare books on display in this library.

To give a picture of the life and triumph of Soekarno, visitors can visit the museum. Many paintings on Soekarno and also owned by the man himself are also avaible to be viewed here. On top of that, there were clothes, briefcase, and Soekarno’s face printed on a note money from 1964 being displayed.

It is true, the charisma of the proclamator of this country was massive. This can be felt through his picture as a youth, up to when he became a president that were displayed. Just from looking at those pictures, the visitors would be able to understand the life of Soekarno up to his deadth, as part of the history of this country.

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